Web Hosting

Our Rates :
Individual : JPY 2,000/Month + tax > JPY 24,200/year
(storage : 30 gigabytes / unlimited bandwidth)
Group : JPY 3,000/Month + tax > JPY 39,600/year
(storage 60 gigabytes / unlimited bandwidth)
Corporate: JPY 5,000/Month + tax > JPY 66,000/year
(storage : 100 gigabytes / unlimited bandwidth)

To receive a quote, contact us at : anae.japan@gmail.com .

With ANAE Japan, you can take advantage of a simple internet posting system and benefit from the advice of a French friend in Japan.
Did you know that most blog hosting sites and services on the web 2.0 do not provide for your proprietary rights of authorship over the information you may publish there, including photos and videos ? Maybe you didn’t read the fine print in the « conditions of use » and just clicked through to get quick access to a free service. But have you thought carefully about how this loss of authorship rights can affect your current, and most importantly, future activities on the web ?
If you are an individual or small business and wish to maintain your own website or blog with full proprietary rights over its contents, contact our organization ANAE Japan. We will host your data in whatever form : text, blogs, video, images, etc.
Of course, you will have ownership of your own domain name, that we can assist you in selecting and managing. (domain name.org ; .net ;.com)

Many French and Japanese subscribers in Japan and other countries have already placed their confidence in our service !
Join them to establish and protect your full ownership of the text, video, images and other intellectual property that you post to the web !